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Milky Way Galaxy

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Finding Milky Way Galaxy and Star Trails are a kind of wonderful experience in Chin hills. One may not find them easily, you have to wait for the right time to see.

Stars Trails seen on the sky of Chin Hills (Photo: Kyaw Zaw Win/The Horizon Plus)

These pictures were taken after midnight, to be exact 1:00 AM on the way from Mintut to Matupe township.

Milky Way Galaxy seen on the sky of Chin hills (Photo: Kyaw Zaw Win/The Horizon Plus)

It was a freezing cold night even though we were in April, it was more like a winter weather we were facing.

Mountain views on the way from Mintat to Matupe

These pictures were shot from the top of "Mawpi" mountain or "Soul Mountain", locals called it.

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