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"ASHURA" Religious Festival

The Shia Muslim community across the world hold the mourning event of Ashura festival every year in the first month of Islamic calendar to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala, when Imam Hussein ibn Ali, a grandson of Muhammad, was killed around AD 680. 

Shias community's Ashura festival (Photo: Htet Arka/The Horizon Plus)

Similar to that the mourning "Yin Htu Pwe and Dar Yite Pwe" event is held in Myanmar. 

The "Yin Htu Pwe and Dar Yite Pwe" means their sorrow is demonstrated by beating themselves with sharp swords or chains.

Women participates in Shias community's religious festival. (Photo: Htet Arkar)

Shia Muslims are also known as Mogol and they are one of the minorities in Myanmar.

A kid looking at the camera at Shias religious festival. (Photo: Htet Arka)

Children participate in Shias religious festival. (Photo: Htet Arkar)

Children participate in Shias religious festival in Yangon. (Photo: Htet Arkar)


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